Berry Basket Studios

Berry Basket Studios is Family Photographer Lily Alayne Owen and is located in Upstate NY in the Albany area, and available worldwide. We focus on authentic, natural moments between parents and children, siblings, extended families, and all families who adore and love each other!! This includes but is not limited to our friends in the LGBTQ community, all races, genders, religions, ethnicities, and body types are welcome. We revere families and love that binds us all to each other in healthy, beautiful, devoted relationships and seek to capture that beauty so that you can preserve it for generations to come. Our family photography sessions take place in your home, a favorite place, or in nature and can include drone photography, little family videos, and tender portraits.

Mother & Baby Portrait Session // Albany, NY

October 23, 2019

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Erin & Hannah did a little Mother & Baby Portrait session when Hannah was a tiny little human! Wasn’t she SO cute?! One of the joys of this work is getting to see a tiny perfect newborn become a roly poly baby, become a chatty toddler, become a school age child, teen, and beyond. Mother & Baby Portraits are great for moms who almost never get to be actually IN the photo!!